01/19 - 01/23

A collection of Dylan Reeves-Fellows editorial and show pack images. 


-Kaltblut Magazine

-Client Magzine UK



01/19 - 01/23

Dylan Reeves-Fellows on stage.


-The Young Bold and Murdered


-Thanks Dude


01/19 - 01/23

A fresh young British actor, from South East London. Playing age 18-25.



-The Nuclear Family

-Romance is Dead




01/19 - 01/23

A young British males voice, clean, crisp and fresh. 


--Allen & Overy

Dylan is known for his British charm and performance in "Kindred" alongside Jane Asher and Michael Mckell. He has trained at NIDA with Brett Rogers, The Artists Circle, and Hayes academy. Dylan's website contains his Full Portfolios for Screen & Stage and Modelling which can be found using the link below.


His experience ranges in roles from a young thug (from Feature Film "Kindred") to being the wild teenage son in a broken family (from Studio drama "Nuclear Family") to accidentally killing the one person he loved (from Short Film "Antics") and he has also featured in several highly regarded magazines and commercials. 

He was born and bred in south-east London and has studied at the University of Sydney and currently studies at the University of York. His life experiences are vast which he stated: "It gives me an emotional edge, a sort of extra connection and vulnerability that allows me to identify more with each character I play".

Dylan won the award for "Actor of the Month - June 2019" from Star Central Magazine in Australia.

Other Projects

Filming: Feature Film

August 2019

 Recent News        

Training: ALRA

October 2020

A MA in Professional Acting at a federation of drama schools listed drama school has begun.

Filming: Music Video

September 2020

1 was cast in The Hunnas new music video - Young and Faded. Great day on set.

Filming: ShortFilm

March 2020

A short project - about 3 friends and their relationship. Intense. I played Raymond.

Filming: Short Film

February 2020

I played Carl in short film Bullet Holes and Blood, the story of two brothers and a meeting that goes wrong.

Filming: Feature Film

November 2019-January 2020

Gives them wings Feature film. I played dale anderson.

Presenting: CSVPA

November 2019

Presenting a series of interviewers and videos for aCmbridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

Filming: Short Film

October 2019

Before the End of the World


Filming: Feature Film

September 2019

Kiro Pictures: bLOOG cURSE 2

Stage: Dracula

August-November 2019

48 Hour Film Challenge: The Spawn

August 2019

Filming: Short Film

August 2019

Playing Joseph in a London Film School production, "Brotherhood", about the relationship between a younger and older brother.

Acting Award

July 2019

I was entered and subsequently voted the "Actor of The Month July 2019" by Star Central Magazine.

Filming: Commercial

June 2019

Dylan was a student, in the new University Admissions Centre Australia(UAC) Campaign.

Filming: Short Film

May 2019

Playing the lead role of Ben in "Bleed". Drunk and knocked out, where he ended up was not good...

Filming: Short Film

Apirl 2019

Dylan played the role of a crazy robber in "Coward", who was crazy & strange. Production by Australian Film Base.

Samsung Release Campaign

February 2019

Dylan modelled for the Optus X Samsung S10 release campaign photos.

Filming: "Antics" 

March 2019

A young man delusioned about his girfirend who who accidentally killed in a proposal attampt. Dylan is this man.

Theatre Production

January 2019

Hakoah, a Verbatim play about WW2. Dylan plays British Military Chief, Richard, and an American Soldier, Glen.

Filming: Studio Drama

May 2018

Dylan played the role of Cledwyn in TV Studio drama "Nuclear Family" at Ravensbourne Film School in London.

Government Interview

January 2018

Dylan interviewed Sam Giymah, Minister for Universities and Science in the UK who later ran for the Conservative leadership position.

The Wandering Heart Interview

September 2018

Dylan interviewed The Wandering Hearts am up and coming folk band who has just played live at York.

Music Video 


February 2019

At a mansion in Randwick, Dylan acted,danced and died in World Champions Music video for their new song castillo.

Editorial Feature

November 2018

Dylan Features in the 19th edition of edition

of Client Magazine UK (print edition).

Filming: Short Film

March 2018

Playing the lead role in, "Romance os Not Dead" for the year finale of a student film at The University of York.

Filming: Feature Film

October 2017

Dylan played the role of Shady in a low budget feature film called "Kindred" by Bryant Brothers Productions.

Editorial Feature

February 2017

Dylan featured in the Indie German magazine, Kaltblut after a successful shoot with photographer Josephine Malmen at her London Studio.

Theatre Festival Production

February 2019

A short comedy, for Short and Sweet Festival 2019 in Australia, under the wild card category where Dylan plays Paul. Its also becoming a short film (hence image).

Theatre Production

November 2018

Dylan played the role of Brooke, the mysterious camera man, at The University of Sydney.

Filming: Short Film

January 2018

Playing the lead role in, "Ouroboros" for the year finale of  seconds years student film at The University of York.

Editorial Shoot

May 2017

Dylan was selected for an MA editorial shoot in London.

BBC 3 Series

February 2017

Dylan Featured in a few BBC3 series by which he talked about Acne, reacted to the pros and cons of many things in a comedy style series.



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